Our Staff Knows What it Feels Like to Have Dementia

The staff at Oaks of Bensalem had the opportunity to experience dementia first-hand by taking part in a training program called Virtual Dementia. The aim of the program is to simulate what dementia sufferers go through on a daily basis so caretakers can better empathize with and help them. Take a look!

Moving to Senior Living Part 3

Moving to Assisted Living Part 3     Twenty five years ago, my mother visited her mother in a skilled nursing facility and came back very depressed.  At dinner that night she said; “Promise me that you will never put in in one of “those” facilities…. no matter what!  I don’t want to die in […]

Is Senior Living the Right Choice? Part 2

Mr Iliff with dog

Is Senior Living the Right Choice?  Part 2 Now that we have an idea what Personal Care is, let’s discuss how to know what some of the signs are that might indicate it is time for Senior Living.  Some of these signs may not be as evident to a family member but they are something […]

What is Personal Care? Part 1

Lunch Time!

Traditionally, in the past, having our loved ones in a “Home” was a last ditch resort. After agonizing hours, days, even months of deliberating and battling with guilt we still did not want to “abandon” our loved ones.  A “Home” had the feeling of a hospital, with restrictions, rigid schedules,no sense of warmth or caring and […]

Bucks Happenings

Yeah!!! We have been nominated for best senior care in Bucks County….please help us out and vote for us!!! Details to follow…thank you in advance.Voting is almost over so hurry!  http://bucks.happeningmag.com/happeningli…/senior-care-2016/

Happy Holidays

1st floor Christmas

From our family at Oaks of Bensalem, to yours, we would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday! “May you never forget what is worth remembering, Or remember what is best forgotten.”(Irish blessing)

Our October Family Night was a smashing success. We had delicious food, lively entertainment and door prizes. Our theme was breast cancer awareness and we had a great turn out of family members and staff wearing their pink. We can’t wait for the next one!

301We are all smiles here at our Family Night!We are wearing pink for breast cancer awareness for our Family Night.Look out 'Dancing with the Stars' because we are taking over with the Fred Astaire here!

Person-Centered Care


What is person-centered care? Person-centered care is a revolutionary approach to long-term care in assisted living that is being introduced to elder/senior care communities across the nation. It emphasizes decision making involving the resident (senior) and those that work closely with them. This process empowers the care partners, who are involved in the daily care, […]