What is Personal Care? Part 1

Traditionally, in the past, having our loved ones in a “Home” was a last ditch resort. After agonizing hours, days, even months of deliberating and battling with guilt we still did not want to “abandon” our loved ones.  A “Home” had the feeling of a hospital, with restrictions, rigid schedules,no sense of warmth or caring and no individual respect.  After all, our loved ones took care of us so naturally we feel the need to do the same and give back to them.  The problem is that times have changed and so has society.  There are so many stresses and strains in our own lives with work, bills to pay, and sometimes children of our own to care for.  Life is demanding and this additional responsibility can then put an added strain on our relationship with our loved one.   These stresses can lead to resentment and frustration affecting our entire family and leave us feeling empty and exhausted, with no time to ourselves.  This is not good for anyone!  Thankfully there is a solution to this dilemma.  It is Personal Care.

Personal Care communities are designed to give residents all of the comforts of home without the worry.  The setting is warm and friendly and each individual is treated with dignity and respect.  It has been described by some of our residents as “a cruise ship without the water”.  There is restaurant style dining with delicious home cooked food, live entertainment, and many exciting and enriching activities for residents to engage in. All of the housekeeping is provided and medication is managed by highly dedicated and trained staff.  As our loved one’s care needs increase their care plan changes to meet their individual needs.  With all of these needs fulfilled the stress and worry of the family is lessened.  This “space” allows the family to build new memories and actually enjoy time together with the ones they love.

Stay tuned for my next post, “Is Senior Living the Right Choice”, where we will explore some signs that may indicate that it is time for Senior Living.


Brenda Brolly

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  1. Jean Mayer says

    Thank YOU all again for your love and care with my mother – it’s sooo wonderful to still see her pics up on this site – thank you for that as well. Hope all are staying (or trying to stay) cool this summer. Jean

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